Friday, July 15, 2011

Go by Bike to the Art Fair! Avoid Car Hassle

People who ride their bikes to the Art Fair will get a free bag-o-chips!*

According to the press materials there will be three monitored bike parking enclosures - one more than last year! (map here)
  • Near the entry off Bush and High
  • Near the entry off Leffelle and Church
  • Near the entry at McCullough Stadium off Mission
Bring your own lock! Donations will be accepted to benefit the South Salem High School music programs.

Opinion Piece in Statesman

OBRA Director and BTA Board Member Kenji Sugahara has a piece on the opinion page today, "Cycling Gives Economy and Environment a Lift."In it he nicely rehearses the argument:
There are riders from all walks of life: law enforcement, emergency medical service responders, judges, doctors, carpenters, farmers, military personnel, Republicans, Democrats and Tea Party members. Cycling is non-partisan....Cycling creates jobs and revenue. Cycling also helps reduce road congestion, can cut your commute time and saves money.
Cycle Oregon Weekend

Salem and Willamette University hosts Cycle Oregon Weekend this weekend and expects 1,700 people on bike for three days!

* Yeah, I know...You don't have to eat them! But if losing weight can be a reason to bike, being able to enjoy some treats while maintaining weight is also a fine reason to bike. Here's more on a different kind of CHIP, if you insist.

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