Saturday, July 23, 2011

Renewing Bike Love over Summer and Baseball

Tucked inside Bush Park is Willamette's John Lewis Field, and in the summer the Withnell Dodgers make it home field.

Lots of people commute through Bush Park, of course, and some folks stop by the ballpark on the way home from work. You can see the flourescent yellow of a commuter at the fence above the batters!

Others come out for the whole evening, biking perhaps instead of strolling. Earlier in the week I chatted briefly with Mike and Nancy at the batting cage. They don't have any relatives playing, but live nearby and just enjoy the game.

Nancy said she's enjoying bicycling this summer. After 40 years away from bikes, she took it up this year after Mike found some gently used Electra 3-speeds. Getting the hang of it was a little awkward at first, but now she loves it!

Do you have a story about someone you know or met renewing their bike love?


LBJ said...

I had been trying to encourage my dad to get back on the bike for a long time, but he was wary of riding on the streets near where he lives. He would ride in the park, but he would have to drive there with his bike, and didn't want to go through the hassle of using a bike rack. So what I found for him is a Montague folding bike, which fits right in his trunk, and he loves it. He's been going 3 or 4 times a week. He likes getting out into the outdoors and the exercise is good for him too.

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

That's a great solution!