Friday, July 27, 2012

Bike to Bite and Brew

There's something about the summery, cotton-candy pleasure of the carnival and side-show.

Though this might look a bit like a Dantesque entry to the "rat race," the food, beer, and music will be lively. (And your bike's a secret weapon against the rat race!)

But WAR??? - Salem ought to be able to do better music than that!

For DIY music, don't forget about the pianos! If you're out this morning, B on B is on the Bridge.

What are your bikey delights this sunny weekend?

Update Sunday Morning

Here's the bike parking Saturday around 5pm. It's right next to the entry on Court Street, but it's also not formally attended this year. There's not enough temporary racking, as you can see from the bikes locked to the fence.

You might be better off locking up downtown and walking a couple of blocks.

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