Monday, July 2, 2012

Maple to Auto Group Path Open, Nearly Complete

Sharing the Road, the Multi-Modal Way
Tucked in behind the new Capital Auto Group and the Deaf School, the new path connection between Maple and Auto Group Avenue is just about Complete.

The path connects at the corner of Maple and Biller.

The "closed" sign is finally moved! (Though the sun was more becoming on the winter day than this "summery" weekend.)

There's still some construction fencing that narrows the usable width, so be careful!

It returns to the street grid at Auto Group Avenue, which turns into Salem Industrial. Once Salem Industrial is improved, this should become a reasonable connection to the Kroc Center (in red on map). The bike plan identifies it as a "tier 1," first priority project.

In the mean time, it offers a north-south connection to Cherry at a controlled intersection with a light and passes by the tricky section where the rail tracks, gravel, and glass all seemed to cluster on Cherry.

The tandem riders had rain on Saturday, but at least it was warm. Sunday was dry, if cloudy, and folks rested during a ride at the Capital. Here's one of the quads that occasioned much comment!

You may recall bike dealer Watt Shipp. The quad recalled the one he rode while racing at the fairgrounds in 1898.

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