Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cemetery and Capitol: In the News

A couple interesting items in the paper today...

A group of neighbors are starting a health and walking series in South Salem!

(But help me out here: Is walking in Pioneer Cemetery a problem or not? If not, why don't we take steps to encourage it - like making a connection so that it actually goes somewhere and people don't have to drive-and-walk or be condemned to looping only!)

Also, while the City talks about two-way streets, the State apparently has other ideas:

The drawing isn't a detailed plan, of course, and maybe the narrowing could work with a road diet and two-way traffic. It's not clear what the State's goal for State Street might be.

Hopefully the Downtown Mobility Study won't run into this as a dead-end, but instead will be able to work with it as an opportunity.

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