Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ODOT May Lose Opportunity for Active Transport: Comment on Statewide Transportation Strategy

A draft Statewide Transportation Strategy is out. Subtitled "A 2050 Vision for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction," it is open for comment through the 20th. I guess I missed this when it came out in May, but fortunately Portland Transport has a nice analysis and judges it incomplete:
Whether by design or accident, the Strategy privileges the development and expansion of electric vehicle and alternative fuel technology over the expansion of the use of walking, biking, and transit for ground passengers and biking for urban freight. While any long-term strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will require the use of all available solutions, these oversights are significant. The benefits of bicycling, walking, and transit and the strategies needed to promote these transportation options are not as thoroughly discussed as other options in the Strategy, even though these modes are well-positioned to promote livable communities, economic vitality, and public health. While electric vehicles and alternative fuels reduce transportation-related emissions, these options offer only limited support of our other societal goals.
Comment can be submitted to For background, executive summary, and additional info, see the Oregon Sustainable Transportation Initiative page.

Between this and today's proposal at the OTC to change funding policy, ODOT and the State is at risk of failing to seize the moment for active transportation.

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