Friday, July 13, 2012

Kidical Mass at Minto Leads Weekend and Summer Fun

Summer is finally here!

Even in a somewhat neglected corner of Salem, biking at dusk under the early evening sky is pretty glorious.

Kidical Mass

On Sunday at 2pm, Kidical Mass meets at the Minto Park playground to ride the paths and Brown Island Road out to Minto Island Growers.

Between the weather, the location, and the yummy goodness of the final destination, this might be best Kidical Mass of the year!

(My photo's from the MIG truck at Pringle Creek Community, but over at On the Way, there's a better suite of photos of the Minto site and detail shots of the new picnic tables that are just gorgeous.)

On Your Feet Friday

On Your Feet Friday is today! Bike downtown and walk around to all the checkpoints.

National Night Out Registration

National Night Out is August 7th, and local registration for parties closes July 25th.

(I've always thought it would be fun to have a blinky-light-disco-party on bike, roaming from block to block!  But is Salem ready for something like Bowie vs Prince?)

Short Track Racing at the Fairgrounds

Salem, Oregon Daily Photo Diary
Short Track racing at the Fairgrounds starts later this month. Look for dates, new sponsors and logo, and details later. Here's a teaser from last year!

Now that the weather's finally turned, what are you doing in the summer sun with your bike?

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