Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Bakfiets for Baby: Biking Family Style with the Allens

One of the best moments of last weekend was surprise at seeing a bakfiets in Salem on Saturday.

But not at all surprising were its new owners, Stephanie and Jim Allen.

The bike had just been in town for two hours when I passed by and saw it being rolled into the driveway. While such cargo bikes might not be unusual in Eugene and Portland, I'm pretty sure this is the very first one in Salem!  Congratulations to Jim and Stephanie:  Salem needs more of this!

Stephanie at Ventis
When babies are too young to sit up, the cargo box can hold the baby seat, and so for short trips, the bike can remain a useful vehicle for Mom.  The speeds are slow, safer than higher speed auto travel, and there can be direct visual connection between Mom and baby - not possible in a car.  Plus, think of the groceries it can hold!

Cargo bikes offer lots of possibilities to extend family time and family biking!

(Thanks to Stephanie for the photos!)

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