Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Boost Mountain Biking: Support Salem Area Trail Alliance

The Salem Area Trail Alliance is almost two years old now, and they're making steady progress.

They've got an information and membership social on Saturday - and you can win a bike!
Friends -

We hope to see you all on October 20th, 2012 at 6 pm! Please see attached flyer for details and like SATA on Facebook. Many thanks to OPRD, Courthouse Fitness, Santiam Bicycle, Venti's Cafe, Fox Blue and all of our volunteers!!

Where: West Salem Courthouse 300 Glen Creek Rd. NW When: 6-8 pm Saturday, Oct 20 (Food & Drink from Venti’s) Why: Learn about SATA & socialize with others who want more trails in Salem.

Win a Kona bicycle provided by Santiam Bicycle!! $10 raffle tickets. Become a SATA member and get TWO raffle tickets for free!! Must be present to win.

Online membership @ ($25.00 yearly membership).

You can join during the social event as well. We'll have membership forms and computers set up!!
Here's the vision, and it's a grand one.
SATA’s primary focus will be to develop the Salem Greenway Trail (SGT). The SGT is a continuous multi use recreational trail designed for non-motorized recreational travel that will connect Salem to local green corridors and businesses. The SGT aims to provide health enhancing recreational opportunities for all trail users while preserving and improving our local green spaces.
The trail would wind all through the Eola Hills vineyards and farms!

The first piece is a soft trails project in Spring Valley State Park.

Here's a detail from the Willamette Water Trail.

Though it can be accessed from a driveway opposite Western Mennonite, the park is at present mainly undeveloped, primarily just a landing, with a pit toilet and campsite, and the plans will make trails for the land-lubbers!

Along with Black Rock, this will make Salem a must-see stop for off-road bicycling!

Maestro McNamee
Go say hi to Jeff.  If you've been around racing at all in the past few years, you'll know Jeff McNamee from the Buy Local series of cross and short-track events. Jeff is also on the faculty of Linfield, where he teaches physical education and studies ways to improve teaching of PE.  This year he's also working on a significant research project to assess the economic impact of bicycling events.  He's conducting surveys at events like Mountain Bike Oregon, Mt. Bike Marathon Nationals, the Big Fat Tour, High Cascades 100 race, and Echo Red 2 race.

It's good stuff, and if you're active or interested in off-road biking, check out and support SATA.  Salem can be even more of a real destination!

PS - When you go, Remember the $687 Million River Crossing!

Ramp and Viaducts Create Huge, Looming Barrier

The viaducts in Wallace Marine Park at Glen Creek and by the Courthouse Fitness building would just be so picturesque!

Elevation View of the Viaducts and Ramps

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