Thursday, October 11, 2012

Flood Sites in Low Water Revealing - and Say Goodbye to Summer

With this morning's first fog, and rains coming tomorrow, it seemed like a good time to revisit some of the scenes of last winter's flooding - one last hurrah for summer, sun, and sky.

Here's the slough at Riverfront Park in low water earlier this week.

Note the snaggy stump!

And here's only the very, tippy-top, of the stump visible in January of this year.

Contractors are engaged in demolition and construction at the Commercial Street Bridge over Pringle Creek, as you've no doubt noticed, but the Boise project seems to be stalled.

The question of the relation of the building, the pathway, and water remains an interesting one, and hopefully the additional time will ensure that considerations of access, high water, and stability yield a design solution both picturesque and sustainable.

Here's an image from August, just as action on the bridge replacement was starting.

And here it is in January, two days after the crest of the flood. You can see the wet stains on the columns going a few feet higher.

Image credit:  Ray Jackson


Walker said...

Saw B+ go past us on his lovely communion-mobile this am, he had just crossed that bridge near the RR tracks onto north HS grounds by the south end of the field. What a nice addition to the bikes blogosphere here.

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Isn't the communion-mobile great?!

It's interesting to see today there's a note at The Atlantic about religion and urbanism.