Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Salem Bike Map at Breakfast on Bikes this Friday

Come to breakfast on Friday and get your copy of the Salem Area Bike Map v2.0!

v2.0 of the Salem Area Bike Map is out!
Thanks to Cherriots RideShare and MWVCOG a new print run with corrections is now out (online hasn't been updated yet, it looks like).  Your copy is old, battered, held together with tape!  You want a new one for yourself - and you know some people new to biking who just might need one!

Breakfast in Winter
This Friday, August 30th, between 7 and 9am, Breakfast on Bikes will be at Mission & Winter. Free coffee, fruit, and pastries for bike commuters! Start your Bike Commute Challenge with some conversation and cheer.

Lots of other topics, too.

The City's also been working on the sidewalk ramps at Mission & Winter - but they didn't take the opportunity to create a better alignment for bikes!

New Sidewalk Ramps and Truncated Dome Bump Pads

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B+ said...

I was disappointed, but not surprised by the decision to leave the Mission & Winter intersection the way it has been. The revisions on streets, crossings, and intersections throughout town have been (almost) completely without regard to bicycles. The underlying attitude is that bikes belong on streets only, without regard to Multiple-User Pathways &c.

I can only posit that very few people involved in the decision-making process (planning, designing, construction, &c.) really ride bikes--especially for utility cycling purposes. Thus, they have no idea about the way their actions put cyclists and pedestrians at risk. Other than the Chemeketa street RR fix, very few things in town actually presume cyclists and pedestrians use the same infrastructure...and even there, it could be argued that the design subtly puts the two groups in conflict.

I am generally appreciative of the increased number of crossings of major streets in town, but the Mission & Winter intersection was truly an opportunity missed. When it was being put in, I looked for signs that some creativity was going to be employed, but quickly "got real" about it.

So, for the coming years, those cyclists who do use this intersection will get to continue the "Mission & Winter Twist & Swerve" while avoiding the many pedestrians in the crosswalks there and trying to cross the (often blind, due to parked cars) parking lot access into Bush Park.

It adds to the excitement in life, I guess. I'll just keep crossing at Church and Mission, thank you.

Jim Scheppke said...

I use the Winter and Mission intersection all the time and I call it, "the amazing disappearing bike lane." You just have to shake your head. What were they thinking? What's a bike rider to do? I am usually headed to High St. and am tempted to take the sidewalk on the N. side of High. If no one is on it, I admit I sometimes do that. It really sucks. Maybe we could talk Salem Health into building a bike path on the N. side of High St.

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

At breakfast we were reminded that Winter Street here is part of the new alignment of the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway. Apparently when folks were talking with the City about the realignment, there was some talk about possible improvements here. It does not seem anything was formalized, however. But the WVSB is another reason it should be upgraded!

Jeff Schumacher said...

Sorry to miss last Friday's breakfast. I frequently use that intersection of Winter and Mission (Church and Mission too). There seems to be no good way - yet - to cross Mission via bike. On another note, does anyone have a link to a good PDF of the Salem-Keizer bike map? I'd love to get a copy but I cannot seem to find it online. Thanks!

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

You can download pdfs here!

Last word was they hadn't updated to v2.0, so these pdfs (and a kml file) are from the 2011 v1.0 - still quite useful.