Monday, October 21, 2013

Win a $2,600 Custom Bike in the Drive Less Challenge

Win stuff during the Drive Less Challenge today through the end of the month!

It's a statewide contest, so there will be lots of people involved, but hey. There's a lot better chance to win this than the lottery!

The grand prize is "a $2,600 custom-built bike with trailer and carrying case by Bike Friday."

See the flier for more!  (Cherriots didn't include the info on the website, apparently, and instead committed to old-school dead-tree direct mail - "Watch for the Cherriots mailer."  Huh.)

Cherriots flier with prize information
But wait!

Props to David Rosales and La Capitale for tweeting it!
ODOT's also supporting it.

From the release:
The first statewide Oregon Drive Less Challenge kicks off next week with the goal of reducing vehicle miles traveled by a half million during a 12-day stretch from Oct. 21 through Nov. 1, 2013. The Challenge — open to individuals age 18 and older who live and/or work in the state — is being spearheaded by the Oregon Department of Transportation as part of the state’s ongoing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage alternative transportation to reduce congestion.

“We’re pleased to launch this effort, in conjunction with our partners around the state, aimed at connecting Oregonians with the many different transportation options available — options that can help save money, improve community health and preserve our high quality of life in Oregon,” said ODOT Director Matt Garrett
Memo to ODOT: There are proven ways to reduce VMT and to "save money, improve community health and preserve our high quality of life"! 

Why do something effective when you can roll out
a PR campaign?
That is all.

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