Saturday, October 12, 2013

Weekend Fun: Death Match Race Walk, LifeSource Fair

This weekend's a great time to say thanks to our great Breakfast sponsors!

If you've never been to LifeSource, the Customer Appreciation Day is a great time to check them out.  Today, Saturday the 12th, from 11am to 4pm there's music, samples, a bbq, and 10% off.

Remember also  the Governor's Cup Coffee Roasters

And Cascade Baking Company

Thanks to all our sponsors!

Fun in the Highland Neighborhood

This is too funny!

The second annual Race Walk to the Death between the Grant and Highland neighborhoods takes place today - at 5pm on Saturday.
There's a race walk race for everyone this year! Divisions include: Ladies Open, Mens Open, 5'3" and Under, Senior Citizen, Kids Race, Head to Head Smackdowns, and the Highland vs Grant vs The World relay race. If you have anything left in the tank- a potluck, good beer, and a little dancing will follow the races.
Spectating will likely be amusing as well! Bike on by.

And you see the life, keep in the back of your mind the destruction wrought here by the proposed giant bridge and highway - and nearly hidden traces of history, like Herbert Hoover's home!

It's just two or three blocks from the races on Hazel.

Herbert Hoover's Salem home, camouflaged and remuddled!
Regular readers will know this was Herbert Hoover's childhood home when he lived in Salem. Virginia Green has written some about it in her timeline of Salem history. You can see an old view with the original roof here.

Race walking video promos after the jump...

RWTTD 2013 from Brian Watson on Vimeo.

And from last year

RWTTD from Brian Watson on Vimeo.


Curt said...

I have been conflicted lately about supporting your sponsors given that Stephen Perkins of Cascade Baking is one of the principles of the downtown parking lobby. His activism and others are by far the most acute threat to even modest improvements downtown. As if sabotaging downtown plans wasn't bad enough, according to the staff report to council for Monday, his parking petition will draw even more money away from basic street maintenance and security in the short term. They will also likely have to cut the enforcement budget so there will be even more employee parking abuse.

So given the political activism of downtown businesses, its hard not to feel like money spent there is just supporting businesses that are working hard to make downtown dirtier, crappier, and less safe then it is now.

So what is a Salemite to do?

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

What's a Salemite to do?

Support our allies, of course!

This isn't DC. If we insisted on 100% agreement or litmus tests with our allies, we'd never get anything done! Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good!

We're proud of our association with Cascade Baking Company. We value that Cascade has had a pretty long relationship with Shepherd's Grain, for example, supporting more sustainable wheat farming. And we're glad that there are businesses like Cascade working to activate this block of State Street. Cascade also supports other worthwhile projects like the Salem Food Co-op. They support the kind of community values B on B wants to be a part of and in turn to support.

(Since Parking is on Monday's Council agenda, if there's more to say on that debate, let's talk about it in the Council thread rather than here.)