Saturday, August 15, 2015

Councilor Andersen Champions Safety and Comfort on our Roads

Howdy Neighbor! How are things?
Here's a great body of talk that has escaped notice here! Councilor Andersen has been making the rounds talking up safety, comfort, and fun for people on foot and people on bike.

City Council, August 10th

Last week at Council, Councilor Andersen offered comments (from about 15:20 to 20:52 in the video) on our recent walking deaths and on safety for people on foot and on bike. It is interesting that while Councilor Bennett had additional comment, echoing the themes Councilor Andersen raised, others were silent or changed topic. Facing the costs of hydraulic autoism isn't always easy, and it clearly takes people out of a comfort zone. Gardens and wedding anniversaries seemed like safer topics, and a larger conversation did not break out, alas.

Still, it looks like Police and Public Works may have an information report on this to present at Council later in the year. It would be great if we could get away from the "traffic cone theory of walking" and transition to something more like "twenty is plenty."

On Family-Friendly Bikeways

As part of their enlarged social media effort, the City has a series of videos called "The Salem Connection." One of them late last month had a special focus on the plan for Union Street, and more discussion of the Central Salem Mobility Study's recommendations for High and Church Streets, which look to be funded with some downtown urban renewal funds.

On the Valley View Show

And more on the Streetlight Fee and on Family-Friendly Bikeways on the Valley View show.

Even if you're not in Councilor Andersen's ward, it worth checking in on the facebook, where he has posted the relevant talks, as well as commentary on other matters of interest. The page had been quiet after the election, but it's going again with substantive topics, and that's great to see.

Thanks Councilor Andersen!

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