Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Dog Park and Pickleball get the Nod over Pump Track in Fairview Park Concept

Just in time for tonight's Open House at 6:30, the City's posted the latest iteration of a proposal for the Fairview Park.

Revised Concept Map, February 2016
You'll notice right off that a Dog Park prevailed over a Pump Track (area 4). Also interesting are proposals for Sand Volleyball (5), Pickleball (10), and an amphitheater (3).

Ironically - but probably not intentionally - a playground and splash pad is proposed for the footprint of Le Breton Hall, almost as if modeled after the mess at the Blind School.  Is "playground" the new standard replacement for "old building"? Big Sigh.

Le Breton Demolition Permit
The application for the permit to demolish Le Breton was submitted on the 25th and it's very close to being issued.

Le Breton Hall in 2015

Le Breton Hall in 2011

Le Breton Hall shortly after construction at
the Oregon State Institution for the Feeble-Minded
circa 1908 - WU Archives
Just like with our Old City Hall, in 25 years we're gonna have the same conversation, "Boy, wouldn't be nice if we still had that building. It's too bad they didn't save it. Just a shame."

Even if they whacked it in half and just saved the front with the portico. The site's remoteness made finding a new use for it a much greater challenge than it would have been for Howard Hall, it's true, but after Sustainable Fairview wasn't successful, the City didn't make another try and just rolled over in easy defeat.

The revised concept plan does include a "history plaza" (area 6), so at least there will be that.

So consider a ramble out Old Strong Road and taking a look before it's all gone.


Jim Scheppke said...

I heard today that it's gone. Cant verify that. Just what I heard from someone who should know.

Susann Kaltwasser said...

So what is happening with that park where Howard Hall was? Seems to have gone underground or something. Is there a planning group? Any work being done to include the neighbors?

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Susann, a walk on Church St last week showed forms and concrete has been poured! As you suggest, the planning and history consult/conversation seems to have been invisible or non-existent.

Perhaps SCANners will know more?

The news that Le Breton might already be gone is disappointing as the demolition permit hadn't been issued according to the City's database. That will be interesting to learn more about.

Jason said...

Le Breton Hall isn't gone as of last night. I ride past it most days, and haven't seen any activity in the area for a little while now.

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Thanks for the update, Jason!

Unknown said...

This proposed park map doesn't appear to show Old Strong Rd...are they planning to take out the road to expand the park? If so, I hope some pathway will take it's place as it's part of my (and others) bike commute to work...

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Yes, the section of Old Strong Road will be depaved, though it will not be vacated officially for a bit yet. Two parts of Old Strong Road will become parking lots, and it looks like there will be a paved path connecting them. The street connections will instead involve the new Lindburg Road and a new alignment for Strong Road. The changes - and remember, actual construction on the park is a ways out yet - should preserve the basic line of your way along Old Strong Road.

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Just as a footnotey kind of detail, apparently Pringle Creek Community has some concerns about the proposed park and has written a letter about them. In the minutes to the last Morningside NA meeting they are summarized:

"P.C.C.’s letter of concerns about the development plan for Fairview Park, and the Fairview property in general [asks] basically that noise, traffic and lighting
intrusion be minimized for P.C.C. and that developments should adhere as closely as possible to both the original Fairview Plan, as well as the Morningside Neighborhood Plan...

It's hard to tell if this is an embrace of the liveliness a park promises, or if this is a bit of NIMBYism directed at the preservation of an ornamental emptiness.