Saturday, February 6, 2016

Washington Senate cans State Transportation Secretary

This isn't about Salem or even about Oregon, but an icky stew up north of what looks like sexism, hardball politics, and visions for retrograde transportation policy seems worth registering. Lynn Peterson could very well end up back in Oregon with a meaningful role in 21st century transportation, so this should be noticed for many reasons.

Here's a portion of her not-yet-scrubbed bio from WASHDOT:
Most recently, Peterson served Oregon’s Governor Kitzhaber as his Transportation Policy Advisor where she oversaw transportation-energy policy, statewide transportation funding discussion and implementation of community priorities. She is the former chair of the Clackamas County Commission, where she managed budget-policy direction and resolved long-standing utility and transportation access issues that avoided a development moratorium for a majority of the urban area, allowing continued business growth.

She is also a nationally recognized transportation and land-use integration expert having worked both as a transportation consultant and as a strategic planning manager for TriMet, Portland's regional transportation agency. In those roles, her work resulted in funding for TriMet’s south corridor light rail line and a five-year strategic transit operations and capital investment plan. She was also a transportation advocate for 1000 Friends of Oregon working with communities to develop innovative transportation initiatives; and a transportation planner for Metro, the regional government for the Portland metropolitan area, as a travel-demand forecaster.

Peterson started her career as a highway design and construction engineer at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Later she specialized in traffic engineering.
She might be just what we need at ODOT. We'll see if the "Draft Lynn Peterson" movement gains steam. It's something to watch.

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