Thursday, September 29, 2016

Park Front "Flatiron" Office Building at Boise for Planning Commission October 18th

The City has posted the Public Hearing Notice for the Design and Site Plan Review of the proposed Park Front "Flatiron styled" building at the Boise Project. Like with the Nursing Home, they also posted some plans.

Here are two new views to go with an earlier concept view.

New view: Looking southwest from Ferry Street

New view: Looking west from midblock
Maybe you will have opinions about it, but I don't much. I like the double floor glazed entry on the corner with the parking lot and I like the contrasting band along the ground floor. Otherwise the rhythm of the windows isn't very exciting or particularly lovely. The building looks serviceable rather than very interesting. The earlier treatment showed brick or something going all the way up to the cornice and that seemed like a better nod to historical styles than the larger black band on the latest elevations. With the two-story glazed entry and the window treatments, that band looks a little suburban office park to me. Generally the design seems to have shifted a little from the earlier "Flatiron" homage. But does it matter very much, especially since Front here is never going to be a great street for walking?

The Hearing will be October 18th at the Planning Commission.

Old view looking south from Front Street
(AC+CO Architecture)
 And here again is the old Fry Warehouse before demolition.

Fry Warehouse on the exact spot! (Robert West, 2007)

(Notes on the Nursing Home here, and the previous site plan swap here.)

Update, April 8th, 2018

Geez! They put a garish electronic sign on it! Since the project received $3/4 million in Urban Renewal funds, some question whether the City indirectly subsidized this sign.

Editorial today (color image superimposed on bw photo)


Susann Kaltwasser said...

Plain and uninteresting. Not likely to create much interest or excitement to look at and I doubt it will add much to the effort to revitalize the area, other than it is better than the gravel piles we now see. Another obstruction to the view from the Convention Center and make people feel more closed in.

Will there be any amenities included?

I guess we should have realized that the view of our river was not meant for us. This is yet another thing to block the view of the $10 million Minto Island bridge that was supposed to be a feature.

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Here's a link the Planning Commission's approval. It was a 4-3 split decision, interestingly. The decision has nothing about the dissenting votes, unfortunately.

It'll be interesting to see how the view from the Conference Center is affected. It may be less than you fear!

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

(Added new editorial on the electronic sign they bolted to the side of the building. Major ugly! Also, the view from the Conference Center does not appear much to be affected.)