Monday, April 3, 2017

More Talk about Bolt-on Footbridge for West Salem and at Grant

Just a few items to note in passing at the neighborhood associations this week.

(Also, all the City links are going to be screwed up sometime today as the City rolls to the new site and changes the urls. Sorry about that!)

West Salem

WSNA meets today, Monday the 3rd, in the minutes from last month there is a large grid of comments on the SKATS TIP from the Land Use Subcommittee. As it's not always clear what they are commenting on in particular, they are a little hard to understand.

Bolting on to existing OR-22 ramp at Edgewater
doesn't enhance connectivity very much
But they do keep pushing the idea of an overcrossing on Wallace at Edgewater in place of an undercrossing along Second Street and the RR path route.

Bolting an overcrosing onto the existing ramp
While this idea might seem attractive as "value-engineering," it fails to be very useful, especially as it does not relate to the Union Street Railroad Bridge and instead connects the Edgewater path system and Center Street Bridge path. It seems drafted more for the convenience of drivers than for people on foot and on bike, who would have to take a circuitous route from the Union Street Bridge. (See here for previous notes and more detailed criticism of the idea.)

Also in the minutes from last month was an interesting map from 1997 of a concept for Marine Drive. It comes from the Wallace Road Local Access and Circulation Study. While this has been mentioned from time to time in the whole SRC debate, I'm not sure anyone has published an image of the map. So that was interesting to see.

Marine Drive concept in 1997
The West Salem Neighborhood Association meets Monday the 3rd at 7:00 P.M. in Roth’s West, Mezzanine (1130 Wallace Rd NW).

Grant Neighborhood

Wallace at Edgewater
Then, a few days later, folks from West Salem will be presenting to the Grant neighborhood on Thursday their ideas for that overcrossing at Wallace and Edgewater. I guess they're really trying to gin up support. (See above and here for more on why it's not a very good idea.)

From Seed of Faith Daycare Hearing Notice
They're also going to be talking about the application for a Conditional Use Permit for a Daycare operated by Seed of Faith Ministries.

The Neighborhood Association has already drafted a letter outlining some concerns and request for further information about:
  1. Traffic on Winter Street which is designated for the Family Friendly Bikeway and is also the location of the Grant Community School bus stop and family pickups;
  2. Has the applicant contacted all of the adjacent neighbors to receive any of their concerns;
  3. Has the applicant contacted the Grant Community School Principal to discuss the impact they might have on Winter Street;
  4. Their east parking lot is currently allowed to be used by Grant School, have changes been discussed with the Grant Community School Principal;
  5. Has the applicant contacted the Boys & Girls Club to discuss impacts on the neighborhood and traffic and moving students between the daycare site and the club;
  6. What size buses will be used by the Salem-Keizer School District Transportation Department to transport students to and from this site and can they maneuver the east parking lot and/or can they maneuver the entrance and exit from the public alley onto Gaines and Market streets safely;
  7. What is the staff size and how will that affect the onsite parking uses.
Presumably the discussion will drill into these in further detail.

The Grant Neighborhood Association meeting is on Thursday the 6th at 6:15pm, in the Library of Grant Community School, 725 Market St NE.


Drew said...

As someone who rides their bike to work over the river everyday, this bolt-on footbridge would be great! I've never been very keen to the second st. under pass. While using the railroad footbridge is great for recreation, for transportation the Center St bridge is the best option.

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Several "Strong and Fearless" types - and perhaps you are one of them - have over the years expressed a preference for using the Center Street Bridge and sidepath. But they are also those willing to bike on Wallace Road and other busy roads in West Salem and in downtown. There's definitely a slice of people who prefer this route, more direct it's true, and might prefer, like you, a bolt-on footbridge. But the existing crosswalk already adequately serves you and those like you.

But do you also then use that sidepath tucked in along the highway and behind the buildings on Edgewater? That path has always seemed little used, too isolated and disconnected to be truly useful.

If we want to serve a larger group, people who don't currently bike or who bike infrequently and would like to bike more, connections with the Union Street Railroad Bridge will be more generally valuable.

You might personally find attractive the prospect of a bolt-on footbridge at that location, but it doesn't open connectivity to a meaningfully larger group of people. It serves existing users better than new users.

That's an important reason it seems like a bad idea.

Drew said...

I did use (and would continue if it weren't in such disrepair) the bike path that parallel's Edgewater st until I quit commuting on a mountain bike and got a skinny tire bike. Riding a bike on Edgewater st is not ideal but that path is truly awful.

As for your comments about Center St v RR bridge, I concede that the railroad bridge is more peaceful but it ends in nearly the same place as the Center St bridge. The folks who can easily get to Wallace Marine Park via Glen Creek should definitely use the RR bridge. But for those of us in the Edgewater district and east that is not an option.

I don't see how serving existing users is a bad idea.

Further, many of my female friends would never use an underpass.