Sunday, February 6, 2011

Forget the Gridiron Gladiator! Think Bike Racing Instead

If a football game is just many brutal falls to earth, what is bicycling but flight and a magical escape from gravity's tyranny?

Forget the Superbowl! Think about bike racing and road riding. The season starts in a couple of months, and there's an increasing number of local races.

March 19 (Saturday) - Willamette Capitol Cup Criterium, Salem, OR; Watch packs of racers speed around a 1KM multi-corner loop towards an all-out sprint finish.

April 9 (Saturday) - King's Valley Road Race, Dallas, OR.

April 23, 30, May 7 (Saturdays) - Happy Ravens Time Trial, McMinnville, OR.

April 24, May 29, September 4 (Sundays) - Black Rock Flow Cup Downhill, Falls City, OR. Downhill freeriding!

May 14, 15 (Saturday, Sunday) - Silverton Roadrace Championships.

June 26 (Sunday) - Salem Fairview Circuit Race. A circuit race, in length, is between a road race and a criterium. Racers complete several loops of the course before an all-out sprint.

August 1, 8, 15, 22 (Mondays) - Salem Short Track. Racers ride either their cyclocross bike or mountain bike through a man-made dirt 'short track' course at the Fairgrounds. Some even ride singlespeeds!

The complete spring and summer racing schedule is at the OBRA schedule page.

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Daniel Evans said...

Thanks for covering these races Eric,

Great comparison between football and bicycling! I do have to admit I love football though.

I am excited that spring is getting close now, and I think I will have to take in a race or two. Should be fun!