Thursday, February 3, 2011

Indoor Cycling Studio Grand Opening on Friday

Breakfast on Bikes is all about commuting, bike transportation, and being outdoors.

But what do you do when rehabilitating from an injury, training for competitive rides, the weather's just too crappy for fun, or you're not yet comfortable sharing the road with autos and want the fitness benefits from bicycling?

Joyride Cycling Studio has a solution.

On Friday, at 10:30am, the Salem Chamber of Commerce will officially open and welcome Joyride Cycling Studios.

Lorie and Jeff Bickford did a soft opening very late last year, but now they are ready for everything!

The studio's tucked in a building at the corner of Browning and Commercial SE.


Lorie said...

Thanks so much for helping spread the word about our little studio! We love everything about cycling and fitness and hope to see lots of like minded folks and those who want to get fit and ride more come check us out real soon!

BTW Eric it was really nice to get to meet and talk with you at the SBC Banquet. I'm already looking into a way to convert my Mt. Bike into a commuter bike for riding to work. You are inspiring. I've got Breakfast on Bikes on my calendar and will spread the word on our Blog as well!!

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

We'll look for you on the road!