Monday, February 7, 2011

Legislative Update - Week 1 - Tempests in Teapots? New Interest in Texting Ban

Little of substance happened, but the baby ban and headphone ban elicited much fuss and worry.

Doug offered important analysis on the costs of overreaction and the virtues of a certain patience.

What's new?

The Statesman reported that Rep. Vicki Berger will introduce a total ban on text messaging while driving. I can't find the article, but this focus on distracted driving is surely more constructive to get behind than focusing opposition on an unlikely headphone ban. Let her know you support the idea! So stay tuned.

Bills Specifically about Bicycling

Senate Bill 130 for bicycle traffic lights. BikePortland has coverage of the City of Portland's testimony here and the text of the testimony here. The bill got a "do pass" recommendation in committee and a second reading on the 3rd. This is viable and looks likely to pass.

Senate Bill 604 will be a gut-n-stuff. It's been referred to Senate Business, Transportation and Economic Development Committee. Here's a statement from Senator Burdick's office on it. This is not a viable bill with known content at this time.

House Bill 2228 prohibits bike transportation of child under 6 years old. Referred to Transportation and Economic Development Committee, but dead as currently written.

House Bill 2331 to study bicycle licensing. Referred to Ways and Means. No action.

House Bill 2602, the headphone ban. Referred to Judiciary Committee. BikePortland reports that it is scheduled for a Thursday hearing at 1pm. However, the Committee agenda for that day shows bills 2141, 2142, 2648, and 2652 only. The hearing cannot be confirmed. Former BTA Executive Directer Evan Manvel has interesting thoughts here. For the other side, Jack's always reliable.

Relevant to Transportation Generally

Senate Bill 266 on electronic tolling. Referred to Business, Transportation and Economic Development Committee.

House Bill 2333 prohibiting studded tires. Referred to Transportation and Economic Development Committee.

House Bill 2437 on school busing. Referred to Revenue Committee.

Proposed Oregon Constitutional Amendment to permit gas taxes to be used for pollution control and congestion reduction. Referred to Revenue Committee.

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Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

One more!

SB 344 would permit local jurisdictions to set a neighborhood speed limit of 20mph.

Background here.