Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays

Policy and planning are important, but, you know, the nuances of a Transportation Improvement Program aren't always the most exciting.

Here something completely different. Two great emotional appeals for biking. Not great because of what they say, but because of how they say it: They express moods, one wintry, one summery. Both have stuck with me: Both say something ineffable, maybe something you can't say in words.

Who cares it's a beer ad! It captures cheer and a little chill - just like a real holiday jumble.

And! "That's the way, Patriot. Let the OPECs keep their gasoline. We'll just tap into a far more efficient energy source. Manpower." It's amazing a national account went with this, however briefly.

This next one's almost ecstatic - it's a gloriously lyrical take on biking and its pleasures.

Have fun, be safe, enjoy the knowledge the days are getting longer.

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