Friday, December 2, 2011

Light up your Bike for the Holidays

Unfortunately the Holiday Lights parade won't be in Salem this year, and unconfirmed rumblings have suggested the Keizer version might not be as easy to work with for a bike float. And anyway, the bike drill team's on hiatus.

But you can still decorate your bike! Make your own nightly parade!

LED lights powered by 2 AA batteries offer a cheap way to decorate your bike for the holidays - and improve your visibility in the dark of winter!

They make 'em in stars, snowflakes, icicles, and "regular" holiday lights. The strands have a 3 position switch - off, on, and blinky.

$4 each at the big chain stores. Maybe the small stores, too. (If you find locally owned stores with them, please drop a comment.)

Secure the battery packs and the strands with black electricians tape or the ever-handy duct tape.

Or make a tree or stand to strap on to your handlebars or pannier rack.

There are also other lighting systems like hokey spokes and FlexPro, some of them much higher quality.

If you have other ideas or sources drop them in the comments!

(mostly a repost from last year)

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Anonymous said...

Grocery Outlet has three-color mini LED sets for $1.99!