Friday, December 16, 2011

Think Holiday Treats - Thanks to Cascade Baking, LifeSource, and the Gov Cup

Without the support from our sponsors who care about sustainable transportation, each month's Breakfast on Bikes wouldn't be possible.

This month Cascade Baking Company leads the way with holiday breads!
Cascade Baking Company is providing 6 different Holiday Breads. German Christmas Stollen, Welsh Bara Brith, European Nut Loaf, Danish Julekage, Apricot Delight, and Italian Panettone.

The Stollen is very traditional and includes candied fruits & raisins and fresh ground nutmeg. Stollen sells for $12.00. Welsh Bara Brith is based on a traditional Welsh Christmas bread. Ours has whole grain wheat combined with cherries and hazelnuts. The bread is coated in honey just after bake and is a wonderful alternative Christmas bread. Welsh Bara Brith sells for $12.00. The European Nut Loaf is similar to a Polish Christmas bread and has ground walnut combined with Northwest honey, currants, and cinnamon that is rolled up in a sweet pastry dough. European Nut loaf sells for $15.00 per loaf.
Danish Julekage is done in a traditional manner and is braided in a 3-braid or wreath shape. Cardamon is the predominate spice in this Christmas bread and sells for $12.00 a loaf. Italian Panettone is the lightest of Christmas breads with a taste of fruit and fresh vanilla. We use cranberries, golden raisins, and lemon and orange candied peel. Panettone sells for $14.00. Finally, our Apricot Delight is a wonderful pastry that rolls up dried Apricot, Cream Cheese, and local made Apricot preserves. Apricot Delight sells for $11.50.

And remember the Governor's Cup Coffee Roasters. They just added a liquor license, too, so don't forget the music and libations.

LifeSource Natural Foods will have olive oil and balsamic vinegar sampling today and they've boosted their beer selection. And they've got lots of other things from staples to fancy treats for your holiday table.

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