Monday, December 12, 2011

Infographics can Condense Stories

Here's excerpts from some punchy graphics that perhaps could be adapted as we talk about and promote the new bike plan (click on any to enlarge). They don't necessarily tell a new story, but maybe they condense, simplify, and make easier to convey some core ideas:

The inverse correlation here between mode split and obesity is pretty neat.

These three from Healthcare Management Degree - which turns out to be linkbait! Well, the graphic's good even though it was apparently part of an SEO scam. The next one is legit.

This one might not play as well in Salem, but it's still pretty good.

From: European Cyclists Federation

If you know of other compelling infographics, drop a link in the comments!

(h/t BikePortland)


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Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

yup. Saw a related note earlier today and stripped out the link. I still like parts of the graphic, though! Mostly, I chuckle.