Thursday, November 1, 2012

Studded Tires: $40+ Million Annual Problem

Since it's legal to put on studded tires again, it's worth reminding ourselves that studded tires cause over $40 million in unnecessary damage to Oregon roads each year.

(Road Cores: Washington State Department of Transportation)
According to a story from 2011, the Oregon Department of Transportation
encourages drivers to consider other types of traction tires or chains because studded tires cause close to $50 million damage each year on city streets, county roads and state highways, according to the department. About $11 million is spent each year repairing studded tire damage.
As we debate the best uses for limited transportation dollars, isn't the wisest use and conservation of existing pavement a better and more economical solution than new pavement?

A proposed ballot initiative to ban studded tires stalled in the past year, but the issue will likely visit the 2013 Legislature. A "fair share" fee on studded tires may also be considered. 

If you're interested in making Oregon's roads last longer, check out Preserving Oregon's Roads.

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