Friday, May 3, 2013

Salem Bike Club to Broaden Offerings, Including Bike Camping

All kinds of interesting things are percolating this spring at the Salem Bike Club.

Maybe the most interesting is a bike camping trip to Silver Falls!

In the May Spokes is a request for club members to RSVP by May 15th for the overnighter.

The club is making a strong move to broaden the scope of rides it offers, and to appeal to a broader ranger of people who like to ride bikes.

Last year they piloted a series of introductory rides. They were short and slow-paced rides of around 10 miles, and aimed at practicing and learning new skills on super low-traffic roads. Offered during the summer they started in mid-afternoon at Ankeny Wildlife Refuge.

It looks like the series will be continued - and expanded! This is great news.

Additionally, there's also a group discussing ways to offer alternatives on longer rides. Some of the discussion is about internal matters, ways to handle the mileage credit and such, but it also touches on offering more variety for people who might not want to keep to a pace, might want to stop for sights, or otherwise are interested in varying the out-and-back routine.

It looks like an exciting summer for club riding!

Membership is not expensive. Annual membership dues are $15 for individuals and $20 for families. So if you have an interest in club riding, this summer might be the best time ever to explore it.

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