Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Statewide Bike Safety Education Numbers Show Salem Lags Behind

The BTA has a note on bike safety education enrollment around the state.  It's interesting, but as it is more of a "rah-rah" than analysis, it's maybe a little short on context and interpretation.

Nevertheless, the second largest school district in the state doesn't show very well!

Of course, it was a year of transition, with the Boys & Girls Club taking over from the BTA for the first time.  But it is interesting to see Albany, Bend/LaPine, and Dallas far exceed Salem.

There's a growth opportunity here!

District Bike Students District Rank by Size
Portland area (+ 2 more) 5000 1
Bend 2500 7
Albany 800
Bethel 625
Eugene 620 3
Dallas 420
Ashland 344
Corvallis 330
Wilsonville 250
Salem 145 2
Gresham 75 10

With data from the Department of Education

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