Sunday, July 12, 2015

Fishing Coverage Practically Shouts about Climate Disruption

Even if you don't like fishing or the way we manage hatcheries, salmon are indisputably central to our regional identity, our history both pre- and post-settlement, and as an indicator of the health of our ecosystem.

If bees and our salmon are healthy, other things are healthy too.

The facts of our warm winter, spring, and now early summer are no good for salmon and many other fish. And the paper has been yelling about this about as loudly as it can. It is, in fact, probably the best local coverage at the moment of a year-long weather pattern and its concrete effects related to larger climate disruption.

Of course engines in cars, trucks, and boats also contribute to emissions, so it's not like fishing itself isn't also part of the greater problem.
But it would be great if we could read more subheads like "the hot and dry weather of 2015 is prompting state and federal officials to make some tough decisions..."

And maybe more reporters and editorial staff locally will make more of the connections and begin advocating for those "tough decisions."

Update, July 27th

Including Salmon

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