Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Keizer Planning Commission to talk Bike Parking Tonight

Newly installed staple racks at Firehouse Crossing in South Salem
The Keizer Planning Commission meets tonight and on the agenda is bike parking.
I have no idea what is the right amount of bike parking in Keizer. I rarely see people on bikes there. And too often bike parking goes underutilized because the street facilities are poor - no bike lanes and bad bike lanes. Trip-end facilities without trip-during facilities tend towards the Potemkin mode.

Keizer minimum bike parking requirements

Here's part of Salem's equivalent table for comparison. (Bike and Walk Salem was supposed to include revisions to the bike parking requirements, but this was waiting on the Unified Development Code "clean up," and it's not clear whether this update will occur with the "bucket list" process.)

City of Salem - Table 806-8
Minimum Bicycle Parking
Here's one clear place where things might be improved in Keizer. The spec features a wave rack, and calls for a system that essentially only allows for one point of contact.

Keizer standards - with wave rack
This style of racking has not been recommended for more than a decade, and it would be good to get cities to spec to a "recommended" standard rather than to a "not recommended" and minimal standard.

Wave racks not recommended
(2002 APBP standards)
If you cannot attend a meeting, but wish to comment, you can email Planning Director Nate Brown.

The Keizer Planning Commission meets at 6pm on Wednesday, July 8th, in Council Chambers at the Civic Center, 930 Chemawa Road NE.

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