Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Key Bike Boulevard Crossings Stays in Line for State Funding

Our local Area Commission on Transportation meets Thursday the 1st, and the final recommendations in Region 2 for State funding in the 2018-2021 "Fix-it" and "Enhance" program cycles are on the agenda.

Five Crossing Safety Projects
Project estimate is now at $566,220
The Salem proposal for several enhanced crossings, including two for the Winter-Maple Bike Boulevard route, one of them for an intersection where Caroline Storm was killed last year, made the final cut as part of the 100% recommended list for funding.

Our area's 150% list, with 100% recommendation in green
Significantly, after formal scoping by ODOT, the project's estimate was raised once again, having already gone from $250,000 to $380,000. This time its estimate sits at $566,220.

The other recommended project is on Hayesville Drive NE for sidewalks and bike lanes, and outside of Salem proper in unincorporated Marion County.

Hayesville Sidewalks and Bike Lanes
While some replacement buses for Cherriots were on the 150% list, they did not make the recommended 100% list for full funding.

The Super-ACT will meet later in September to ratify (or potentially adjust, I guess), these recommendations. (And then the Super-Duper ACT of ACTs, the OTC, will confirm the final list at some point.)

Look for the historic sign
next to the entry
For more about the Enhance cycle in 2018-2021, see all notes here. ODOT's page is here.

MWACT meets Thursday the 1st at 3:30pm. It meets at MWVCOG/SKATS at 100 High St. SE, Suite 200, above Andaluz Kitchen and Table Five 08.

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to clarify the status of these recommendations. The projects highlighted in the green rows are ODOT's straw proposal for a set of projects that fit within the 100% amount of funds. As a straw proposal, it is a starting point for discussion at MWACT this Thursday and the other three ACTs in Region 2, and then later at the Super-ACT meeting. So it's inaccurate to say anything is a "final recommendation" or "final cut" yet.

Mike Jaffe
Transportation Planning Director
Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Governments.