Tuesday, November 1, 2016

25th and Madrona Finishes and Reopens

Late yesterday the City announced that the intersection work on 25th and Madrona was mostly done and the road would be reopening.

Looking westnorthwest along green crossbike and channel
via City of Salem

Plan view from July 2015
From the City yesterday:
The intersection of Madrona Ave SE and 25th St SE is expected to reopen this evening. This intersection carries over 15,000 vehicles per day! The new alignment and signal will greatly improve the safety and flow for all modes of transportation. In addition, 22nd St SE has been opened between Mission St SE and Madrona Ave SE.

This $9 million project was funded by savings from the 2008 Streets and Bridges Bond projects, Oregon Department of Transportation Immediate Opportunity Funds, Transportation and Stormwater System Development fees and Utility rates.

The project is being completed on time and within budget. The project team greatly appreciates the patience shown by residents and businesses during this very complicated construction.
Have you tried it out? Let us know how it works for you!

That crossbike thing looks like it is meant for eastbound bike traffic on Madrona, which can enter the channel in the island, use the green crossbike (like the crosswalk adjacent to it) to access a new multi-use path on the east side of 25th. The MUP won't connect to anything yet though, so this seems like a bit of orphaned infrastructure, a dead-end really. It's also a little rube goldbergian, it seems. I worry about zoomy right-hand turns in the slip lane. Maybe it will be more useful than it seems. So if you use it, let us know.


Anonymous said...

Did you notice the bike signal that is facing the camera for the WB bicyclists?


Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Nope! So that would be useful in the future for southbound travel along an MUP on the east side of 25th, then to make the transition to the north side of the street for westbound travel on Madrona? Interesting!

d. davis said...

That stretch of 25th feels antiquated given there are sidewalks on more remote (but developed) edges of the airport and a shoulder on Airport Drive. I wonder why the city didn't put at least a wide sidewalk on the east side of the road long ago.

After riding to Salem Ale Works a number of times I've found it's easier to approach that shopping center from the west through the neighborhood than deal with that bit of 25th.