Saturday, May 28, 2011

Market Bike Valet on Hiatus in 2011

Shoot, here's disappointing news.

You will recall that the last two years after Memorial Day, the Bike Valet at the Market started up. Friends of Salem Saturday Market offered secure, monitored bike parking so you could enjoy the outdoors and didn't need to drive.

They served over 500 people on bike trips over the two years. It was a great service.

It was also volunteer-intensive, and this year because of staffing issues, the Friends aren't able to offer it again. (The Friends may be able to restore some or all of it with more volunteers. If you are interested, let them know!)

Hopefully the Market and Friends can find a sustainable solution. Since they use the State lot and there are other players involved, it may not be simple or direct. It's not, for example, directly possible to install a bunch of bike racks.

If you have ideas on scalable, repeatable, and less volunteer-intensive solutions, also let 'em know!

The Market's a gem, and it should be a gateway for people who would like to be less auto-dependent!

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