Friday, May 6, 2011

Weekend Fun: Education and Advocacy with Sustainable Cities and Smart Cycling

Spring term is underway and that means the final round of SCI projects. One of the classes is on bicycle planning and students have arranged a tour of Salem to see sites where they might design projects to improve bicycle connectivity.

If you're not busy on Sunday morning, feel free to join the group!

The tour will meet at 10:15am on Sunday, May 8th at the covered picnic pavilion. We'll tour parts of West Salem, the downtown core, and close-in neighborhoods. Time permitting we'll venture farther out.

Smart Cycling Clinic

On Saturday May 7th is the first Smart Cycling Clinic.

Tell your friends about this introduction to city bicycling, ideal for the skills and confidence to support bike commuting and running short errands!

Meet at 9:30am at the Wall of Water fountain on the south end of the Capitol Mall. The cherry tress provide pleasant shade for the outdoor class! The clinic will take about two hours, including instruction and riding time. For more information see the Salemites note!

Update - Here's pdf for a poster too! Perfect for the lunchroom or breakroom!

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