Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Rapturous Ride for Beard

Here's a whimsical one!

In something of the spirit of a Broadway musical that just got 14 Tony award nominations comes the Beer'd Ride.
You know you've seen the billboards and street corner prophets championing the coming Rapture on May 21, 2011. In honor of such a momentous occasion, we thought tipping back a few frothy pints snuggled deep within the verdant Willamette Valley on a nice spring day would be a fitting vantage for us to watch the tide break over the world...or not.

Either way, we won't have wasted any time, so join us for the Beer'd Ride, Saturday May 21st to honor the beer and the beard, both of which seem to frame most true wisdom throughout the centuries. We will be meeting at Santiam Bicycle at 10am and riding from there, so bring your skinny tires.
(Beards are Awesome from Lunchbox Brain)

Justin Much also reports that the new Buena Vista Ferry passed through Salem last Friday and that the reopening of the ferry appears to be running ahead of schedule.


Michael J. Motta said...

I figured out all of the bearded guys quickly except for the bottom middle. He's stumping me so far! I've posted to my Facebook asking for help -- none so far. Who is he?

Anonymous said...

Lemmy from Motorhead, I think!

Michael J. Motta said...

I mentioned Lemmy in my Facebook request for help but then I said I thought his hair looked too short and his overall visage not rough 'n' tumble enough! But then again the drawings are somewhat abstract. Good call! I kept thinking mid-19th Century . . . poet or military hero or writer . . .