Sunday, June 12, 2011

City Council, June 13th - Parks and Smoking

The hospital bans smoking because second-hand smoke is not appropriate for a "place of healing." Is second-hand smoke a similar threat to playing and recreation? Should the City also ban smoking in parks?

That's probably the most transportation relevant item on the City Council agenda for Monday.

The Councilor Dickey's proposed ordinance to ban smoking in parks gets a public hearing.

Also, before Council proper, at 5:30 PM there's a Council Work Session (the first of four) to give Council an overview of the Sustainable City projects. Monday City staff will introduce:
  • South of Mission (Architecture)
  • Parking in Redevelopment Areas (Public Policy Planning and Management)
  • North Downtown Waterfront (Architecture,Public Policy Planning and Management)
  • City Growth/City Design: properties in West Salem and North Gateway (Architecture, Public Policy Planning, and Management)
The work session is informational, and Council will not be making any decisions. City staff are updating the SCI page fairly regularly, but many of the projects are still not yet posted. So it's worth checking every once in a while!

(The budget of course is interesting, too.)

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