Sunday, June 26, 2011

Legislative Update - Week 20 - Sine Die in Sight

And that's pretty much a wrap. As others weigh in with summary and analysis, there might be more next week, but probably not.

As in nearly every other legislative area (the new bottle bill, for example, might be an exception), it was a session of modest accomplishment.

Bills Signed into Law

Senate Bill 130 for bicycle traffic lights.

Senate Bill 415 expands penalties for harming a vulnerable user of the road.

House Bill 3150 permits local jurisdictions to enact a 20mph speed limit on neighborhood streets.

House Bill 3149 on personal car-sharing.

Senate Bill 424 will strengthen Oregon's crosswalk law.

Waiting for Governor to Sign

House Bill 3186, co-sponsored by Representative Berger, eliminates the jobs loophole on the texting and cel phone ban.

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