Sunday, June 12, 2011

Legislative Update - Week 18 - Three More to Gov

Three more bills are on their way to the Governor! One other is likely on its way. So by this reckoning, the total law count looks like it will be five.

Bills Signed into Law

Senate Bill 130 for bicycle traffic lights.

Bills Specifically about Bicycling

Senate Bill 415 would expand penalties for harming a vulnerable user of the road. Passed the House. Onto the Governor.

Relevant to Transportation Generally

House Bill 3149 on personal car-sharing. Passed Senate. House concurred. Onto the Governor.

House Bill 3150 would permit local jurisdictions to enact a 20mph speed limit on neighborhood streets. House concurred. Onto Governor.

House Bill 3186, co-sponsored by Representative Berger, would eliminate the jobs loophole on the texting and cel phone ban. New amended version. Recommended "do pass."

See the week 15 update for the list of Dead, Moribund, or Irrelevant Bills.

Senate Bill 846 calls for an informational sticker on bicycle trailers. Looks like it died in committee.

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