Friday, June 3, 2011

Transportation Reports, one Local, one Congressional

Two task forces hit the news this week. One is local and issued a call for committee members; the other is national and issued a transportation report.

Yesterday the Congressional Livable Communities Task Force released Freedom From Oil: How Transportation Choices Can Provide Gas Price Relief.

It contains policy recommendations like
  • Use the tax code to encourage businesses to offer comprehensive commuter benefit programs that level the playing field for alternative, non gas-dependent transportation.
  • Increase federal funding for transit, including allowing capital funds to be spent on operations, helping transit agencies deal with increased fuel prices without compromising service or access.
  • Increase funding for “Safe Routes to School” programs so that parents and children have the option to get to school safely without driving.
  • Support “Complete Streets” policies that design streets for all users, making it safer for people of all ages to travel by bike, foot, or public transportation.
The full report is here (25pp, 1mb).

Closer to home, the local chapter of the League of Women Voters is circulating a call for interested citizens:
Public Transportation needs in Marion and Polk County

The League of Women Voters is forming a committee to talk about public transportation needs in Marion and Polk County. This is a one year study to consider which options would best serve the area, including street cars, buses, bikes, tourism, jobs, shopping, etc. Anyone interested in serving on such a committee may contact Sandra Gangle at
If you're not already involved, consider doing so! As long as our electeds think we are few, they will not begin to implement this stuff in any meaningful way!

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