Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bike Recycling, Loans, Gas, and Women's Ride: Newsbits for Wednesday

You may have seen these posters popping up around town.

On June 2nd, the YMCA and Oregon Youth Authority are partnering to pick up used bikes and to fix them up for thrifty and healthy transportation.
“We want to create a self-sustaining program that brings in broken bikes, gets them repaired and returns them to the community at nominal or no cost,” [Hillcrest Superintendent Troy] Gregg said. Second Chance is among several community projects that will be supported by the Y’s Pioneering Healthier Communities initiative.

Hillcrest youth designed a logo for the bicycle-recycling project, and Martin said state surplus helped by providing the first tools.
Aaron Ryals will provide the wrenching expertise.

Good luck Aaron! And if you've got an old bike, consider donating it this Saturday.

(You can read more on p.3 in the May OYA newsletter.)

Gas Prices on the Rise

And look! Bikes are thrifty transportation!

Unitus Expands Bike Loan Program in Salem

Business cards are popping up in local bike shops and it's great to see the outreach. Since banks provide loans for cars, why not for bikes? Check the Unitas website to see if financing a bike is a good choice for you!

Women's Ride

And don't forget about the women-only ride at Bike Peddler on the last Wednesday of each month!

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Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Via LoveSalem, here's a note from the Y with more information on the bike recycling program.