Thursday, July 10, 2014

A New Wreck Exposed at Minto? And On Your Feet Friday Tomorrow

Been out to Minto Park lately?

There's a good bit of activity there this summer. New construction on kiosks, way-finding, and signage, and some clearing and planting as well.

A new wreck!
In the northeast corner of the park, at the gate where the path and bridge to Riverfront Park will connect, clearing has exposed a second wreck! Or maybe it's just a junk car that was part of rip-rap for a berm.

Tomorrow is On Your Feet Friday, and it has been interesting to watch the event develop.

On Your Feet Friday - June 13th, 2014
Gallagher Fitness
Here's almost exactly the same location 100 years ago. Only folks were in the street, not pushed into a parking lot!

There were more buildings, so there weren't holes in the urban fabric, and people could be in the street. (The very first comment on the FB post is "Remember, be SAFE crossing the streets." It is telling that the burden is on walkers, not on drivers.)
Commercial and Court, May 1913
This is the environment in which it made sense for the paper to embrace the priority of people on foot.

July 6th, 1914 editorial
So a question about On Your Feet Friday: Will Salemites who enjoy the once-a-month event start asking for better walking conditions on a daily basis in downtown?

And will the bike shops ever copy something like this as a fun-slash-marketing event for novice bike riders? 


KandN said...

Have you been to one of my favorite photo groups, The Nature of Minto Island City Park, on Flickr? So many great photos, by a variety of locals: The Nature of Minto Brown Island City Park

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I really like the wreck picture with the junk car in it. Do you own the rights to the picture?