Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mysterious Image of Mill Warehouse Identified!

Third Bridge, blah, blah,'s important but boy is it tiresome these days. So here's something much more interesting.

This photo was in the paper yesterday, captioned vaguely as "IT’S MILL TIME: An image from a series of slides..."

A while ago, perhaps a few years ago even, I think Mission Mill did a "can you identify it?" game with this image. The game's disappeared into the mists, however, and no amount of my googling was able to turn that up. (Maybe you can find it?)

Presumably the building and image still hasn't been identified, and that's why things remain vague.

But I think I have in ID for it. I think the image is reversed, and that may be why it has not been easy to identify. Details are at this updated post, so discuss it over there if you have comments or criticism!

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