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Notes on 25th and Madrona; Looking Forward NEN-SESNA Plan Draft Chapters

The neighborhood associations are kinda going on summer vacation, too, and there's not a lot going on in them. The NEN-SENSA plan project is posting some new documents, and last month the update on the 25th and Madrona project was interesting.

Project Scope on 25th and Madrona
From the June minutes:
Project goes from railroad tracks to 25th St. on Madrona, also part of 25th and 22nd St. Westech is consulting group, facilitated by Norpac. Used bond savings of $5M, and $1M from state because of Norpac involvement. Will be curving road south of Madrona to mitigate impact on wetland, also makes it easier for trucks to turn; so helping airport (since encroaching on their property). Intersection will be signalized with yield for right turn heading to Mission on 25th south of Madrona, signal will trip for turns left. Bike lanes taper out after intersection when on to 25th. 45 MPH design speed for roads leading to intersection, 40 MPH design speed through intersection to minimize impact to Pringle Creek. Curve will be banked. Need new box culvert to handle 100 yr flood that goes over the road. Raising road so that flooding won’t happen. Stretch of 22nd street is only feasible if they have money left over, can do this now because railroad spur is gone. May not be able to afford it, but property owners want it. City passed new stormwater standards, they will be meeting those with bioswales. Timing: Right of way acquisition in fall, utilities in 2015, bid 2016, street construction in spring-fall 2016. Still evaluating if they can get it done in one year. Culvert put in while maintaining traffic is most difficult part. Look at handout for Aaron’s phone number/email for questions. Traffic won’t necessarily increase; Norpac not making more product, just changing shipping routes. Planners still looking at bike lane options. [italics on crazy speeds added - why such a high design speed for semi-truck/trailer traffic??? This "forgiveness" will just encourage speeding!]
Looking Forward Draft Chapters Out

Looking Forward NEN-SESNA
Neighborhood Plan Draft Transportation
The NEN-SESNA "Looking Foward" Neighborhod Plan has published four draft chapters, including one on transportation.

You can see Policy 6 on bike infrastructure in the clip. Here are the associated project priorities:


Related to Policy 4.4
  • Add a pedestrian island at the intersection of 17th and Mill Streets SE
  • Add a pedestrian island at the intersection of 17th and Nebraska Streets NE
Related to Policy 4.5
  • Install sidewalks on McGilchrist Street SE between Pringle Road SE and 25th Street SE
  • Install sidewalks on D Street NE between Thompson Avenue NE and Park Avenue NE
(Note: See Chapter XX for goals, policies and recommended actions related to the reconstruction of McGilchrist Street SE)

Related to Policy 4.6
Install bike lanes on the following streets, which have been prioritized in order of importance:
  1. Center Street NE west of 17th Street NE
  2. 17th Street NE north of Norway Street NE
  3. State Street west of 24th Street
  4. McGilchrist Street SE
  5. Market Street NE west of Hawthorne Avenue NE
Related to Policy 4.7
  • Develop a shared use path on 25th Street SE between Mission Street SE and Madrona Street SE.
Related to Policy 4.8
  • Improve wayfinding signage on 13th Street SE to guide bicyclists to the shared use path that connects to Mission Street SE
Related to Policy 5.1
Provide traffic calming measures in the following locations:
  • 21st and 23rd Streets SE between State Street and Mission Street SE
  • 21st NE between Center Street NE and State Street
  • 24th Street NE
  • Chemeketa Street NE between 17th and 24th Streets NE
  • 14th Street between State Street and Oxford Street SE
Related to Policy 5.2
  • Add a right turn lane on Center Street NE at the intersection of 17th Street NE to improve eastbound traffic flow 
The chapters on history, parks, and public facilities are also out.

The history one includes goals for urbanism and alleys!
  • The City should create an exception process in City codes to allow the redevelopment of parcels in urban settings to meet urban standards as opposed to suburban standards. (citywide)
  • New development and redevelopment projects should be encouraged to incorporate design features and materials that reflect the existing character of neighborhoods such as front porches and garages built behind homes. (NEN-SESNA)
The public facilities document includes thoughts on creeks and waterways, including a Mill Creek pathway, and thoughts on floodways, lighting, and seismic retrofits.

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