Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cranksgiving is Back, November 22nd

After a three-year hiatus, the Cranksgiving alleycat is back!

Built at the end of the Streetcar Era:
Home of Northwest Hub and Evergreen Presbyterian
Its organizers have been working on the Northwest Hub, and before that were away from Salem. We weren't sure if it would ever be back.

A restorative draught after
the 2010 Cranksgiving
Worry no more! A few days ago they announced the alleycat would return for a second run after its 2010 debut.

Items will be donated to Marion-Polk Food Share:
[P]articipants are given a shopping list of 10 food and household items to be purchased from 10 different locations. The locations aren't predetermined, buy them where you can find them and then return to the start once you've completed your shopping. Keep all receipts, they will be required to prove you followed the rules. The first to return "wins". It's an urban scramble meant to be fun and noncompetitive. All participants will participate solo, unless paired on a tandem bicycle, which of course we'll allow. Bring your bike, a bag, helmet, lock and cash/card. The shopping should cost no more than $20 if you're thrifty. If you're in a hurry it could cost you more. All items will go to the Marion-Polk Food Share.
The event commences at 10am on Saturday, November 22nd, at the Broadway Coffeehouse.

Broadway Commons: Also Streetcar Scaled
It was great also to see the smoothie blender bikes at the Urban Agfest earlier this month had been built by Hub!

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