Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Oregonian Pulls Thatcher Endorsement for Senate Over Road Construction Mess

Late yesterday, after State Representative Kim Thatcher's campaign for State Senate collided with some road construction problems over the weekend, The Oregonian changed course and withdrew its endorsement.

The Statesman picked up the story off the wire
This wouldn't be news here, but Thatcher's business is in fact a road construction firm, and contracts with ODOT appear to be part of the mess and reason for the de-endorsement.

From the weekend's piece:
Newly disclosed state records show state Rep. Kim Thatcher's closely held construction company destroyed evidence and engaged in a cover-up to fend off efforts four years ago to investigate allegations of state contracting fraud.

A state judge hit KT Contracting Company Inc. with a $60,000 sanction in 2010 for its deceit. Two company officials -- Thatcher's husband, Karl, and their nephew -- repeatedly asserted Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination when questioned under oath about the evidence destruction....
The Statesman then picked up the news story off the wire (clip at top).

The Oregonian's Editorial side hadn't been aware of the story, and decided the news was big enough they needed to revise editorial positions.

Also perhaps of note: Thatcher's opponent apparently bikes, or at least has courted people who bike in Portland.
(Since there's no substantive transportation policy matter here and this blog is not meant as a place to talk about why one person is a better candidate than the other, comments are turned off.)