Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hearing Date Set for Fairview Refinement Plan of Eric Olsen Development

Eric Olsen development on Rural Street South
You may remember in 2012 the debate over the third Fairview Refinement Plan for the Simpson Hills property. It took a while and many were not satisfied by the final outcome.

A Public Hearing has been set for the first pass at a fourth Refinement Plan, that of Eric Olsen's development just south of Leslie Middle School, and on the surface it looks a lot more sensitive to the Master Plan than the Simpson Hills plan ever was.

The City has set up a project site here, and there are several documents to review.  Here's the concept site plan. Note the alleys for car access and storage in the backs of houses.

Concept Plan for the development
This is by design of course. Olsen's website blurbs "The Front Porch is Back," and the development on Rural by the cemetery and the development in Monmouth both put the porch rather than the garage front-and-center.

Here's an earlier version of a site pan that shows where is the land in relation to the other parts of Fairview.

A clumsy overlay of Fairview Addition and the larger
topographic view map of the whole Fairview parcel.
Pringle Creek Community at upper center;
Sustainable Fairview at middle right;
Simpson Hills development lower corner along Reed.
The recent demolition permits at Fairview were part of preparation for this plan. (See previous notes here.)

Chamberlain Hall to be demolished
There will be more to say later this month and the City Staff Report should come out the last week of October.

The Hearing will be at the Planning Commission on Tuesday, November 4th at 5:30 p.m. in the Salem City Council Chambers.

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