Thursday, July 23, 2015

Try out a Bike Ride to the Saturday Market - Free Helmets too

Here's how one Salemite uses a bike at the Wednesday Farmer's Market!
If you live in the Grant or Englewood neighborhoods, walking or biking to the Saturday Market's a great idea, much easier and more fun than driving. Heck, even if you live farther away, load up the bikes and park the car for a shorter ride.

To make the easiest introduction, Cherriots is leading a biking test ride to the Market this Saturday the 25th. They'll meet at the Broadway Coffeehouse at 10am with some preliminaries. (The plaza is one of Salem's best urban places, so if you've never been, check it out!)

Broadway Commons and Coffeehouse - via CB|Two
On social media the big draw has been the "FREE" offer. The Fire Department has a supply of helmets for kids, so if your child needs one, there's an opportunity there. The Hub will also have some maintenance and riding tips.

If you don't bike or bike rarely, this will be a super way to take a test ride in a relaxed, kid-friendly environment. The ride itself will depart at 11am. Organizers say, "Please wear a helmet and bring a backpack, panniers, or a trailer to carry your purchases."

Probably given the target audience here, it'll be a backpack rather than panniers or trailer - but if you're inspired, panniers and trailers make all kinds of things possible by bike. Just look at that produce load at top!


Anonymous said...

This evening Cherriots reponded this to their Facebook page:

"There were no helmets at this event. I don't know what happened but I was one of the first people there with my child no helmets were given out."

CHERRIOTS: "there was a miscommunication between our event planner and the fire department. I'm really sorry to hear about this mishap. Because people came hoping to get helmets for their children, we will be following up with information on where to get free kids helmets. I'll post that as a comment to this thread as soon as the details are nailed down. Again, I'm sorry to hear they did not have helmets as planned."

Anonymous said...

And they've announced details on the helmets:

"Follow up information: the Fire Department will be giving out free children's helmets starting tomorrow, Friday, July 31, at Station 1, located at 370 Trade St SE."