Friday, March 23, 2012

Marion County and Cherriots to Recieve Flex Funds

Wednesday the Oregon Department of Transportation announced Marion County's Brown Road project for bike lanes and sidewalks and Cherriots' bus stop improvements received funding via the flex funds program from the Oregon Transportation Commission.

The Brown Road project is, as I understand it, for the northern segment of Brown Road, above the dashed line. (The City of Salem also has a project for the southern segment, below the line.)

Cherriots' transit mall improvements at Courthouse Square are on the list of alternates.

Cherriots will get $1.9M for the bus stop improvements, and the County $1.2M for Brown Road.

The total is $23.6M for 25 projects. Overall, the program received 105 applications requesting more than $89M.

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Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

From the County:

"The project limits are from the existing sidewalks near Arizona Avenue to the city limits near Carolina. However, we have been talking to the City of Salem to coordinate the design to extend to San Francisco so that there is a logical terminus. But the grant only covers the portion in the County.

The funding source requires that construction begins by 9/30/13 and is completed by 12/31/14....We will begin the design process this summer."