Monday, March 12, 2012

North Broadway Parking Study to Hold Community Workshop

Tuesday from 6pm - 8pm in the Grant/Highland room at Broadway Commons the North Broadway - High Street Parking Management Study will hold a Community Workshop.

The study is intended to develop strategies to manage existing car parking better, to reduce conflicts between residential and commercial parking needs, and to encourage walking and biking trips trips for neighborhood circulation and other short trips to the district.

They're looking for ideas! So if you visit or live in the neighborhood, consider attending.

Back in January the first draft documents were posted, and one of the first things that pops out is how few bike racks there are!

Here's Salem Cinema without parking at its front door, for example.

Bike racks are in green - 4 of them! (That's Salem Cinema on the northeast corner of block 59, and Broadway Commons in block 42 43.)

And at least some businesses want more.

Hopefully traffic calming and other roadway improvements will also create opportunities to prioritize walking and biking.

Most of these projects are tiers 2 and 3, viewed as a decade or more away. Perhaps the study will identify one or more that should be accelerated. Certainly the High/Broadway corridor itself ought to be a candidate for a road diet, and hopefully we'll hear more about a vision for that this spring.

And once everyone in the neighborhood feels at ease walking and biking to Salem Cinema, we'll know we have made good progress!

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