Thursday, March 8, 2012

Salem Longtails Help with Easy Fuel Free Fridays

Oh the sun is great! Things are starting to bloom out and the color reminds me of a favorite day last spring when I saw this longtail at the West Salem library. It's a tandem converted to kids- and cargo-hauling!

And it belongs to Conductor Curt of Kidical Mass!

Cargo bikes are at present an under-used resource in Salem - but they can help individuals and families avoid the need for a second car!

Earlier in the year, John brought his Yuba cargo bike to B on B.

Xtracycle longtail conversions can do much the same.

And there are lots of other cargo configurations out there too. The great thing about them is they promote an active lifestyle, and provide occasions to notice things and even stop and talk about them.

That's quality family time!

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Anonymous said...

I purchased an xtracycle free radical about a year ago, and now I am getting rid of my truck! These things can change your life!